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Princess Sugar Pie

Category: Cat, Breed: Mixed Breed
Sevierville, TN 37864, United States
12 years old
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Weight: 12.3 pounds
Height: 1'11"
Nickname: Sugar Pie
Profile views: 6725 
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Favorite Food: Purina Cat Chow and Whiska's Temptations

Favorite Spot: On Owner/Trainer Jim's Bed!

Favorite Activity: Spreading Love and Joy to everyone that she meets!

Pet Bio: Princess Sugar Pie is a Famous Therapy and Show Cat that was rescued by Owner/Trainer Jim Barbee when she was a feral kitten living underneath his Daphne, Alabama condominium. Barbee started training her when she was 2 years old. Princess Sugar Pie has gone from Feral to Famous. She visits hospitals, schools and nursing homes and she is also a CFA Champion Show Cat in the "Household Pet Division! Princess Sugar Pie has been featured in Newspapers, a major cat Magazine in TV News Shows and has performed her "Famous Tricks Routine" in Pre-shows on stage in a major theatre as well. Princess Sugar Pie spreads Love and Joy to everyone that she meets!

More Pet Info: Please be sure to visit Princess Sugar Pie's Website Pages at Princess Sugar Pie's YouTube Page at

Special Skills: Registered and Certified Therapy Cat, Performs Tricks, CFA Champion Show Cat.

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she looks so fabulous.. i like her attire.. it suits her.. so cute..
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She is so adorable. Her outfit even matches yours!