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Category: Cat, Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Webster, TX 77598, United States
14 years old
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Favorite Food: Tuna in water

Pet Bio: Squeakers was found in our apartment complez in 2005 as a little thing. I was walking down the sidewalk around 11pm comming home from work, and in the outside light I saw something that looked like a trash bag. It was trash night, so everyone had their trash out, but as I got closer, I realized that the trash bad was moving...and then I got closer and realized it was crying/squeaking too. I ran up to her, and she was so tiny! She let me pet her, then pick her up, and I looked her over and she didn't seem to be hurt or anything, so I brought her into the house with me, fed her, and offred her water...My fiance and I had seen a cat that looked almost exactly like her in someone else's apartment, so we thought she was theirs. We we in the midst of packing to move, and for about 3 days, I would take her, and knock on the neighbors door to see if they had lost their kitty, but noone ever answered...finally moving day came within a couple of days, so we decided to make her a part of the family. She moved right along with us! After having her for about a year, her and our kitty Tigger decided to get toghether and make BABIES! So on February 10, 2006, Daisy, Guillermo, Tyler, Jesse, and Itty-Bitty were born!

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