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Why join us? is a buzzing social network and online information and service platform that allows you to connect, share and monetize. We are pet lovers and pet experts who are eager to share experience and knowledge about pet health care, lifestyle, fashion, green living, latest pet trends, technology and gadgets, toys and treats, training and behavior, travel information, pet events, news, stories and more. We would love to receive more tips and advice from pet lovers and pet professionals like you and that is where you come in.


Our featured contributors are:


Passionate about animals and enjoy sharing their health care, training, lifestyle, grooming, veterinarian and other pet experiences.


Committed to raising awareness on proper pet care as well as providing money and life saving tips to other pet owners and organizations.


Credible in the pet industry and have hands-on or educational background to draw from.


Knowledgeable in the their own pet field and have relevant experience and expertise to benefit from.


Dedicated to creating quality content that is user-friendly and search engine friendly.


Focused on nurturing our pet loving community through respect, support and help.



We offer our contributors:


Earn 100% Online Ad Revenue

Gain 100% revenue share from our unique online revenue program with free ad placements and online payment options and increase your credibility and monetary compensation.


Exclusive Free Access to Yeepet Online Services

- Gain exclusive free use of your own Yeepet Store and sell your pet products to targeted audience.
- Benefit from employee discounts on Yeepet Store.
- Free business and/or product promotion as Featured Listing.
- Free product samples and more perks.


Greater Online Exposure

Showcase your personal pet expertise as well as your pet business or organization. Reach the fast growing number of pet owners and targeted customers who need your advice, goods or services.


Increased Traffic Driving Opportunity

Drive best traffic to your articles that are search engine optimized, automatically published to Twitter, Facebook and are featured on and across our online network.


Creative Outlet

Tell pet lovers what they want to hear in your own unique way. Share your pet-related tips, photos and advice creatively and enhance your pet friends network.



How do I join?

Join us by sending your request to info at yeepet dot com or simply contact us here.





What is the Featured Contributor Program?

The Featured Contributor Program creates a unique relationship between you and that brings you the maximum benefits. The program will provide you, for your blog and other content you create on with a great deal of advantages such as 100% online ad revenue share, exclusive access to our services, more online exposure, improved traffic, superior free advertising opportunities, creative outlet, and a stronger pet loving community connection. These are a lot more benefits when you go along.


What do I need to do as a Featured Contributor?

You can choose to achieve one of the following as our featured contributor:

- blogging

- managing one of the Yeepet location based channels that are open: Events, Links, Yellow Pages, Classifieds, Adoption, Animal Shelters, forums, Groups


As a Featured Contributor, will I earn money?

Yes, monetary compensation comes several ways:

1. it comes from the advertisements that we distribute/set up on your blogs and other pages managed by you on Our system is designed to serve specific advertisements to your pages. Your pages will display different ads from other regular pages. We would like you to provide us with your Google Adsense ads and/or other ads you'd like to display. 


2. it comes from your online sales if you have your own Yeepet store running. As our featured contributor, it's completely free for you to use this paid service that we charge our vendors 5% to 10% of the sales for. You keep all the money you make.


Do you have specific requirements for my blog and other posts once I'm a Featured Contributor? Also, do I own the right to my work?

You need to write short blogs (at least 400 words) and/or make other posts as assigned on a weekly basis as you normally do as a user, and we retain the right to the blogs and posts published on Yeepet. We will train you on effective writing and SEO, and guide you through interesting topics to write on from time to time. So it's a fun and educational experience that you can barely gain elsewhere.


Do you have special requirements about my work schedule?

No. We just need you to commit to writing blogs and/or making posts weekly. You need to stay on schedule and complete your topics every week. We do NOT require you work certain hours per week. You have a very flexible work schedule and can work flexible hours. It depends on the level of your writing experience.


Everything looks good. How can I apply?

Please visit our Help page. We will guide you step by step.


More questions, please visit our Help page.