Bonus Points

Bonus Points/Redeem Terms & Conditions


1. You earn 1 point for every dollar you have spent on Yeepet Store. Shipping fees and payment handling fees do NOT earn Bonus Points.


2. You may choose to redeem the Bonus Points for product samples (gifts) or a Yeepet store coupon. 100 points equal a $2 Yeepet Store coupon. You may redeem the coupon when you check out on Yeepet Store. 


3. If you choose to redeem gifts, Bonus Points can be used to redeem only the products available on the Redeem Product page in My Account. Bonus Points have no cash value.


4. Redeemable products are only available for redemption with Yeepet Store Bonus Points and cannot be purchased on their own.


5. Redeemable products are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.


6. Some redeemable products require an additional handling fee to ship.


7. Bonus Points are valid through December 31 each year. Every January 1st you start a new Bonus Points program valid through the last day of the year. Bonus Points not redeemed during the valid period will expire on the last day each year.


8. Points will ONLY be credited after products are shipped.


9. Bonus Points redeemable products cannot be returned.


10. Bonus Points are non-transferable.


11. Yeepet Store reserves the right to replace redeemable products with other products of similar value.


12. Yeepet Store reserves the right of final decision on questions regarding these redeemable products.


13. Yeepet Store reserves the right to terminate this Bonus Points Program any time at its sole discretion.