Dog Themed Tissue Box Cover Kleenex Holder

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Made by: Yeepet Designer
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You have Chihuahua (2) and Bulldog (2) on the sides of tissue cover. Also four stars on tissue cover top.

Calling out all dog lovers, this will make the perfect gift for dog owners.

You can request a custom order on this product, to either have the Chihuahua or Bulldog on all four sides. Please allow 1-2 weeks for item to be made.

This product is made with worsted weight acrylic yarn and plastic Canvas.
Colors: Ranch Red (Background), White, Gold (Stars), Tan, Warm Brown, Med Brown, Coffee, Black, Light Grey, Rose Pink.

Fits a standard boutique Tissue Box.
A new box of kleenex will be included.

Item Care: Wash by hand with mild soap using warm water, rinse with cold water. Blot excessive water and let air dry.