Doggles K9 Optix Copper Lens Dog Sunglasses

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They have a super wide nose bridge (because dogs have really big noses) and unique three strap system that keep the lenses away from the dog's eyes and out on the bridge of the nose, where they belong. Don't let the lenses of ordinary sunglasses touch your dog's eyes, it could cause serious damage. With K9 Optix, you'll be the coolest dog in town (and the safest!)

These will make any canine companion look cool! So super stylish you might just want to keep them for yourself. They are the essential accessory for every fashionable canine!


  • Soft elastic adjustable head and chin straps
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fog
  • Shatterproof

Extra Small
Dog Size: 1 - 10 lbs
Head Strap and Frame: 5 - 13 inches
Chin Strap: 3 - 7 in
Breed example: Chihuahua, Pom
Dog Size: 9 - 25 lbs
Head Strap and Frame: 12 - 20 inches
Chin Strap: 4 - 8 inches
Breed example: Beagle, Westie
Dog Size: 20 - 60 lbs
Head Strap and Frame: 15 - 25 inches
Chin Strap: 5 - 11 inches
Breed example: Dalmation, Border Collie
Dog Size: 50 - 100 lbs
Head Strap and Frame: 18 - 30 inches
Chin Strap: 6 - 15 inches
Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever
Dog Size: 100+ lbs
Head Strap and Frame: 22 - 45 inches
Chin Strap: 11 - 26 inches
Breed example: Large Rottweiler, St. Bernard