Dome Cat Habitat

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Made by: Kittypod
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The Dome was designed with an expansive roofline and enlarged footprint, simply fold together this home-like structure. Features include a 1.25" thick reversible scratcher from our SCRATCHDECK™ series, a kitty-shaped entry point and peep holes, a birdy mobile that suspends from the roofline, and a slotted Kittypod cathead shaped toy.  Easy to assemble with integrated tab connections.  Great for hide and play, and provides a den-like habitat cats instinctively seek in nature.  An architectural structure to function and impress++

Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard;  Nontoxic water-based glue (scratchdeck)
This product is 100% recyclable;  Made in California

24 X 13.5 X 14.5 INCHES