Ergo Auto Pet Waterer Small 2000SW

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We all love our pets but with our busy schedules we often find it difficult to take care of them. The Filtered Pet Waterer is the perfect solution to make sure that your pets are well hydrated and healthy. The Waterer offers pet owners the opportunity to provide crystal clear oxygenated drinking water for their pets.

Available in 3 sizes; Small with a capacity of 2 gallons, Medium with a capacity of 3 gallons and Large with a capacity of 5 gallons.
The pet waterer has a unique eight stage filtration system with activated carbon that guarantees clean, odor free and algae free water specifically designed to meet the convenience of pet owners while preserving their pets health. The Pet Waterer encourages your pets to drink more water, thus preventing them from getting Urinary tract infection or kidney and liver failure. The replaceable eight layer water filters are inexpensive.