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FUR BY J MIKEL MORINGA SEED AND CALENDULA FOAMING CLEANSER  (as seen in doggie aficionado spring 2010)

is the perfect way to give your dog a bath at home and is ideal for dog's with allergies or sensitive skin.  The products are formulated with 100% human grade ingredients and our powerhouse ingredient is MORINGA SEED, a protein that is loaded with anti-oxidants, strengthens hair up to 38% and builds collagen in skin. These products were tested on humans and made for pets and are referred to as SKINCARE for dogs.

Our mild formula is soap free, clean-rinsing formula is rich in anti-oxidants & essential fatty acids and works with or with out water. The versatility of our formula makes FUR perfect for spot cleaning dog's beard where food collects, paws after walks, and anywhere else they need a quick cleanse. Naturally, FUR is an easy solution to traditional at home grooming regime and feels like an indulgent spa treatment!

The formula works fast and efficiently on all dogs and is great for dogs with allergies, puppies. The versatility of using FUR without water is a perfect option for older dogs who cannot always endure a full bath and the formula is safe for cats as well.