Geodome Sac

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Made by: Kittypod
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Geodesic shaped hemp pillow case custom made for the geodome habitat. A heavy-duty weighted pillow case accessory to be used when stacking the geodomes to off-set your cats body weight. Simply fill the sac with your own material, we recommend adding bags of store bought beans such as lentils or white beans. The sac can hold up to 5 standard bags of beans.  Total weight necessary to counter your cats activity will vary, so add weight as needed.  May be used separately.

100% Hemp with a linen-like look and feel.  Pre-washed hemp fabric is hand stamped and comes with a velcro closure.

This product is biodegradable;   Made in California.

17 X 2 X 17 INCHES (dimensions vary slightly due to the natural characteristics of the material)