Hollywood Franklin Tower Cabana for Cats

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Made by: Franklin Cat Furniture
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Our new Hollywood Franklin Tower Cabana offers your cat a place to hide and sleep. All cabanas  are created from very durable exquisite fabrics - provided by mood designer fabrics -  and beautifully sewed by hand in california by very talented cat loving people of our team.


Large Platform

The cabana kit required to requires a tower configuration of two large platforms ( kit 2 ). These are excluded from the kit and must be purchased seperately.


Each cabana kit comes with all the d-rings and screws, stainless hooks. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time.

Cabana Fabric Options

Fabric Option 1

Our white cotton fabric creates an linear pattern due to its array of vertically spaced embossed lines, implemented into the fabric. It is soft to the touch and offers a slight transparency.

Fabric option 2

The black cotton fabric is very soft to the touth due to its high threat count. It shows very little texture and offers a slight transparency.