Kitty Holster Cat Harness Boutique Line (More Colors)

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The Kitty Holster Boutique Line of unique ultra-lightweight cat harnesses are made of high quality fabrics and lined with pure cotton muslin for superior comfort.

You can select special hand-sewn options for your puurrfect companion for an additional price, including a soft, warm black fleece lining (add $9.99) or genuine Swarovski crystals or glass accent beads (add $24.99).

We offer six beautiful models to choose from (the selection changes frequently):

A) Oriental Flower (Black with Flowers): Black satin with pink and silver embroidered flowers. Stunning when accented with fine Swarovski crystals.

B) Blue and Silver Bamboo (Blue): Beautiful blue satin harness with embroidered blue and silver bamboo design and silver trim. Elongated irridenscent glass beads sewn onto selected bamboo leaves highly recommended.

C) Bronze Bamboo (Copper): Beautiful bronze satin harness with two-tone embroidered bronze bamboo design and bronze trim. Elongated irridescent glass beads sewn onto selected bamboo leaves highly recommended.

D) Fuscia Flowers (Rose): Brilliant pink harness with small pink and bronze embroidered flowers and gold ribbon trim. Add fine Swarovski crystals to make this one a stunner!

E) Black Satin Butterfly (Black with Butterfly): Black satin harness with simple design of a colorful embroidered butterly and flower. Comes with black trim.

F) Black Oriental: Black satin harness with beautiful design of delicate embroidered red flowers. Select Swarovski crystals and we'll center some of the flowers with crystals for a gorgeous effect.


  Neck Girth (chest)
XS 5" - 8" 10" - 14"
S/M 9" - 12" 13" - 17"
M/L 10" - 13" 16" - 20"
XL 11" - 15" 19" - 23"


All Boutique Line harnesses are made to order and ship in 5 business days.