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The namesake Kittypod is uniquely shaped to contour and support, the design is raised on a wooden pedestal providing a cozy nesting spot. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws inside and out.  The archetype of all scratch lounges, this design is the ultimate focal piece for any home.  Simple assembly of base to pod required.

Industrial-strength corrugated cardboard; Nontoxic water-based glue.
We've found a way to reduce the packaging materials by creating a very easy assembly of the base to the pod.  We do everything we can to address each design in such a way that reduces the materials consumption yet while bettering the product design all around.  Designing responsibly has always been integral to the Kittypod design philosophy.
This product is 100% recyclable;  Made in California.

28 X 20 X 19 INCHES