Mini Cat Lounge

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Made by: Kittypod
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The Mini is unlike any other lounge. The form fitting design with cathead shaped interior was created to offer various resting spots and a distinctive tunnel to play in. The design allots for custom orders to extend the tunnel to fit your kitties needs by simply gluing the standard model (12" increments) to the desired length. Additional features include a contoured lounge area for comfort and multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws.  Signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure to kitty with better handling for you.

Industrial strength corrugated cardboard; water-based glue.
This product is 100% recyclable;  Made in California.

18 × 12 × 13 INCHES – STANDARD model size; order multiples to extend design to desired length
*featured images show the MINI both standard and extended to 18 × 12 × 26 INCHES