Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider

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Made by: Modern Cat Designs
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These designer hiders for liter boxes are sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty. The Litter Box Hider is constructed with a high pressure laminate finish-- which protects it in the event of spills.

All the metal pieces are chrome plated (including a hook on the inside to hang your scooper) and features a chrome plated "C" logo. Only top quality materials are used in the construction of this item.
  • What Size Litter Pan Will I Need?
The litter box hider fits the standard large size litter pans, it's perfect for 2 cats. It also fits many common pillow sizes.
Front opening: 8" wide, great for larger cats.
Outside Dimensions: 21.5" L 18.5" W 20.75" H
Inside Dimensions: 20" L 17"W 17.5" H
  • Easy assembly
Our cat bed is designed to be easily assembled in under 20 minutes.
  • High Pressure Laminate
We know your cat can't hit the mark every time! Don't worry, our high pressure laminate is built to last under even if your kitty spills.
  • Scoop Hook
Keep your litter scoop neatly stored inside the box.