Modern Cat Designs Small Modern Cat Condo

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Not only for small cats! Your cat will use it for scratching as well as sleeping. Our small cat condo looks great in any living room. Your kitty will appreciate your good taste. Choose from either chocolate or beige color.
  • Is my cat going to like the padded scratching pads?
Not only does the fabric look great in your home, but your cat will enjoy digging their claws into our specially designed foam layer. It's great for the health of their claws!
  • Will the fabric be durable?
Yes. We use special cross-woven fabric that is highly durable and does not unravel when scratched by your cat. If you have a ambitious scratcher, you can rotate the pads to ensure even wear. In special cases of long term heavy use, the foam scratching pads can be replaced.
  • Isn't carpet perfect for cats?
By looking at the selection at your local pet store, you'd think so! We've found that cats enjoy our cross-woven padded scratching pads just as much as they enjoy carpet. The foam element really ads a lot to their scratching experience. Not only can you kitty enjoy this modern look, but you can as well. That's something those carpeted condos just can't offer.
  • Are your modern cat condos easy to keep clean?
They are really easy to keep clean with periodic vacuuming. Our recommendation is to use a fabric roller for quick cleaning.
  • Is it easy to assemble?
Yes. Our cat furniture uses high quality hardware to assemble and our unique patent pending foam scratching pad design makes our furniture super easy to assemble.
  • Are your furniture pieces sturdy?
Yes. Not only can your cat sit on our furniture, but you can too!
  • How can I be sure my cat will like this furniture?
Some cats can be fickle and won't immediately appreciate their cool new furniture. Generally, cats need to understand that a new piece of furniture is for them. Sometimes it can take a little time to adjust (and to stop scratching your favorite sofa!). We recommend positively re-enforcing their usage of our Modern Cat Condo by using treats, petting, and catnip to communicate their ownership. Soon, you'll have a hard time tearing them away from their new cat condo.