Mountain Cat Trees 36 Inch Two Level Cat Tree with Cedar Posts

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NEW! 36 Inch Two Level Cat Tree with Cedar Posts

This all natural cat tree is perfect for placing by a window for your cat to enjoy the view.

The top platform is roomy enough for cats to rest comfortably with ½” sisal rope trim to provide a defined edge.

We’ve modified the design of the original 36” Two Level and replaced the birch trees with cedar posts.

The lower platform is now positioned away from the tall post, making it easier for cats to jump to the top level.

It comes with a replaceable 22” sisal scratching post.

The 20" x 20" textured pine base helps ensure stability and comes with rubber feet for no slip on hard floors or carpet.


  • Solid wood construction, NO plywood, MDF, OSB or cardboard used.
  • Natural northern white cedar from managed forests in Vermont.
  • 1” Thick platforms.
  • 3/8” Sisal trim in top and bottom of posts, ½” Sisal trim on platforms and ¼” sisal trim on base.
  • No stains or finishes makes this product pet safe and earth-friendly.
  • Sisal scratcher is replacable.
  • Optional Bronze or Nickel hardware.
  • One year limited warranty. (See our policies page for more info)


Base 20” x 20’ x 4”.
First level 16” tall, second level 32” tall, overall height 35-36”.
Platforms 18” x 13.5” and 12.5” x 12.5”.
Vertical sisal scratcher 4” x 4” x 22”.

Our cat trees require easy assembly with a 14mm or 9/16" wrench and a hex key. The hex key and detailed instructions are included.

We craft each item individually and it may take up to 4 weeks to ship. Notification and tracking via UPS ground is provided once shipped.

It is important to note that as cedar ages it naturally forms cracks. This is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of the cat tree.

For indoor use only. Choose sisal (light) or manila (dark) rope and bronze or nickel hardware option.