Our Pets Pop-Up Finch™ Bird Feeder

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 The Pop-Up Finch™ Thistle Feeder is easy to fill and has a 2 pound thistle capacity. 

- Pops up to full size. No tools necessary. 
- Easy-to-fill feeder. Slide the roof over wire hanger.
- Two sizes of perches attract wide variety of songbirds. 
- Durable weather-resistant materials and construction.
Dimensions: 14 H x 4 1/2 W x 4 1/2 L
Thistles are special plants to finches. They feed their young on the immature 
fruit. These plants also produce "floss". This floss comes from the 
flowers that have gone to seed and left their fluffy seed heads behind. Finches 
frequently select thistles' floss for structural and lining materials for their 
nests. Often thistles mature before the finches nest, thus providing them with 
fresh new floss. Some thistle heads never open completely, which traps last 
year's floss, making the product readily available for an energetic finch. An 
imported thistle "niger" seed, from Africa and Asia, is high in protein 
and fat. It has an added bonus value of not attracting squirrels or blackbirds.