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  Yeepet Shopping Platform is the unique and rapidly-growing user-centric online information and service platform where pet lovers, pet professionals and pet products and service providers connect. We also host a popular online pet comparision shipping platform where users evaluate, compare and purchase pet products.

We are the only marketplace that provides a comprehensive sales and marketing platform that caters exclusively to pet product manufacturers and pet product and service providers. Our premium partners include popular brands like Our Pets, West Paw Design, Smartscoop, Kyjen, Sleepypod and more.
Selling with Yeepet allows you to promote your products online and increase the web exposure of your products and your business to the maximum because of the following solutions:
1. Editorial influence on and across the network including featured articles and product reviews
2. Automatic featured listings on Yeepet Products highly searched on the Internet
3. Free listings/promotion on Google Products and other major search engines
Based on your selling needs, Yeepet offers two ways to sell with us:
1. Become our supplier and let us manage products for you, or
2. Join our vendor's network and manage your own products in your Yeepet webstore.
Become A Supplier
You are welcome to wholesale your products with us. All you need to do is to tell us your wholesale discount, return policy and shipping costs. We will take care of the rest and manage products for you.

You as our supplier have read and agree to Yeepet's Supplier Terms.



Become A Vendor
With the launch of Yeepet's vendor program, the Yeepet shopping channel allows you to manage your own products and maximize your revenue potential. While this is similar to, Yeepet is much more cost-effective for you.
- User friendly interface and functionality allow you to add, edit, delete your own products yourself easily.
- Competitive cost compared to Amazon, eBay and other shopping platforms - a minimal transaction fee only for products you sell on  The more you sell, the more cost you save.
- Manage your account information easily on the store front.
- Track your sales history instantly once you sell.
- No listing fees, item fees, monthly fees or other fees. Only a small transaction fee will apply after your product sells.
- Free listing on Yeepet Products with reviews and ratings to better promote your products.
- Free product listings on Google Products.


Only a small portion of the sale. No other fees are needed.




1. Tell us you are interested in this program (contact us here).

2. We will set up a vendor account for you and email you the login.

3. Sign in here with the login you received or click the Vendor Login link at the bottom of the page on

4. Manage your product after you are logged in.



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