Soothsoft Innovations Canine Cooler Large

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 Doesn't Your pet deserve the same comfort that you do? Soothsoft's Canine Cooler keeps, younger and active pets cool all year round.

-Helps prevent dehydration and overheating
-No electricity required
-Just add water
-Cool Blue color!
-Non-toxic/No gel
The thermoregulating Canine Cooler has numerous benefits for your dogs health. The Canine Cooler works without electricity to provide a cool spot for your dog to relax and escape heat and exhaustion. The Canine Cooler removes heat from your dogs body by taking advantage of the rules of thermodynamics. By providing a spot that is cooler than your dogs body temperature, the beds actually draw heat away from your dog, to ensure your dog stays cool year round. The softness of the Canine Cooler also ensure that your dog is not putting strain on its joints by lying on hard surfaces that dogs gravitate towards because of the coolness. Ensure your dogs comfort, and more importantly, his health by buying a Canine Cooler today.
Model: CC3648
Size: 36" x 48"