Supaplush™ Denim Koosh Cat Bed

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Made by: Kittypod
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The Denim Koosh is a double-sided rejuvenating pouf that will revitalize you and kitty. Stuffed with our hand blended KITTEA™ organic fill of lightly scented lavender generating a therapeutic aroma, buckwheat hulls which appeal to the senses with a bit of crunch and silky hemp fibers to give it a plushness perfect to caress. Cats love to knead this body contouring blend. Handmade with new denim that has been hand tinted in our studio and hand-stamped with the Kittypod logo. Each Denim Koosh is unique expressing beauty, harmony and craftsmanship for you and your kitty.

Pre-washed denim; Kittea™ organic fill (buckwheat hulls, lavender, hemp fiber)
This product is biodegradable.  Made in California.
24 Diameter X 8 INCHES

Allow 2 weeks production from time of order.