Veterinarian's Choice BreathFree Litter Box Scooper

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  • Just Scoop & Tilt... No Shaking Required!
  • Tilt the scooper back. Clean litter will gently fall through the D-shaped opening at the back of the scooper.
  • The relatively small size of this opening and the shortened distance between the scooper and the litter box decrease the production of dust.Scoop soiled clumps onto the Litter Sifting Panel Clean litter will slide through onto the Litter Chute Floor.

The healthier way to clean your cat’s litter box. Reduces the irritating dust by up to 98 percent!
Veterinarian's Choice donates a portion of its profits (up to a maximum of $100.000) to Rescue Village, a humane society which helps homeless cats and dogs.

  • SEE-THROUGH DUST-CATCHING HOOD Deflects dust downward.
  • FINGER-FRIENDLY RUBBERIZED HANDLE Allows for controlled gripping.
  • SHARP, YET SAFE FRONT SCRAPER Allows for clean removal of litter, reducing bacterial hazards.
  • REMOVABLE LITTER SIFTING PANEL Diverts clean litter onto solid litter chute floor.

The healthier way to clean your cat’s litter box. Reduces the irritating d dust by up to 98 percent!
Scoopable cat litter is the most common type of litter box filler used today. Most cats are attracted to its texture. It performs very effectively helping to absorb the odor of a cat’s urine and feces. However, warnings on the Material Safety Data Sheets for most scoopable cat litters state that the dust created when handling the litter may be an irritant to the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. When scooping cat litter in the home, one can frequently taste the dust in the mouth. Even clothing picks up the dust’s odor. As the dust settles in the room, it often collects on surfaces in the area where the scooping is being performed.
Despite some manufacturers’ claims that its litter is nearly “dust-free”, a certain amount of dust is still produced and is clearly visible. In addition, testing has shown that some dust is so small in particle size that it cannot even be seen by the naked eye. When one scoops cat litter with a traditional scooper, the soiled clumps come to rest on the surface of the scooper. The clean litter falls quickly through the slots directly back down into the box.
Basic physics tells us that the amount of dust produced is proportionate both to the size of the imprint of the clean litter falling back into the box as well as the distance that this litter has to fall.
VETERINARIAN’S CHOICE has created the BreatheFree Litter Box Scooper which has finally solved the problem of the irritating dust created during the scooping process!
How has the BreatheFree Litter Box Scooper solved the problem?
First, when the soiled clumps come to rest on the Litter Sifting Panel of the BreatheFree Scooper, the clean litter does not fall directly back into the box as it does with traditional scoopers. With the BreatheFree Scooper, the litter is diverted onto the solid Litter Chute Floor. Using the exclusive Scoop and Tilt Technique, the clean litter is then gently eased back into the box from the relatively small D-shaped opening at the back of the scooper. Thus, the size of the imprint of the clean litter falling back into the box is greatly reduced. This decreases the production of dust. Second, with the BreatheFree Scooper’s unique angular design, when the back end of the scooper is tilted down, it becomes very close to the surface of the litter box. This dramatically reduces the distance that the litter has to fall, also decreasing dust.Scooper Dust Generation Comparison (results from independent test laboratory)
Veterinarian’s Choice is a company headed by two leaders in their respective fields. One is a prominent veterinarian who is a past-president of the Cleveland Academy of Veterinary Medicine. He has made numerous appearances on NBC News discussing pet health issues and has more than 37 years of experience in caring for cats. He shares his home with six cats. The second is an internationally renowned inventor and chemist with decades of experience in product development and has more than 30 patents to his credit. Together, these two experts have devoted more than 4 years to develop the BreatheFree Litter Box Scooper.
From now on, scooping cat litter will never be the same!