West Paw Design Big Sky Dog Bed

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Made by: West Paw Design
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For a bed as rugged as the Rocky Mountains it was created in, look no further than our Big Sky Bed®. Made from fine Faux Suede, these orthopedic beds boast stylish comfort coupled with the ultimate in ease of care. The quilted cover is enhanced with beautiful black piping on both top and bottom, with a texture that makes brushing pet hair off a breeze.
For deep cleans, the zippered opening allows easy access to remove the lofty inner pillow to machine wash and dry whenever desired.
Made in Montana, USA.

Size Recommendations


Outside L x W x H

small 15 lbs. & Under 21"x15"x5"
medium 16-35 lbs. 27"x21"x5"
large 36-60 lbs. 33"x27"x6"
extra large Over 61 lbs. 38"x32"x6"