West Paw Design Cloudburst Dog Jacket

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Introducing Cloudburst® jackets - the dog jacket that will live forever! Made with 100% recycled polyester fabric that is also recyclable again after providing years of comfort and protection to your dog on all those wet, misty days.
Available in two color combinations, and a wide range of sizes with adjustable straps. This smart jacket will be sure to fit your dog comfortably, whether your furry friend is a large Labarador or a little Chiuaua. Be ready for any weather, and let your dog stay warm and dry in an eco-conscious jacket that utilizes no "new" petroleum in its fabric!
Reflective flares on the back of the jacket provides additional safety on those dark evening walks. Your dog will love to go dancing in the rain in eco-friendly style!
Available in 6 sizes, simply measure your dog from their collar to the base of their tail to determine the best size for your little furry friend.

To Determine which size jacket will best fit your dog, simply measure your dog from the collar on thier neck to the base of their tail.  Then you should be able to determine which length of jacket will best cover the dog's back.

Some owners have told us that they prefer the jackets to be a little shorter than longer, so the jacket doesn't bother the dog's tail.

The jacket has an adjustable velcro strap around the neck and another adjustable strap that goes under the dogs chest to provide just the right fit.