XS Wool Sleeveless Sweater/Jumper dog or cat

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Made by: Shaggy Chic
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For dog or cat that does not care for sleeves, or has problems with front legs, missing leg, etc. this is perfect - have made this for many dogs with such conditions and owners have had very good results. Also great just for any little dog to keep warm around the house!

This is crocheted in 100% wool in variegated shades of greens, light and dark forming its own pattern. I have added some felted orange flowers for contrast. I think it is perfect for boy or girl dog or cat!

Neck - 9-10 inches 
Girth - 12 inches - around rib/tummy
Length - 6 inches 

NOTE: This is a TINY and 100% wool so not much stretch. Make sure you measure your pet accurately before purchasing. Measuring the LENGTH, then where you come to 6 inches, MEASURE THE GIRTH, that is where it needs to be 12 inches or less.